Coaching Membership

Welcome! So glad you're here!

Coaching together offers many opportunities for growth. By definition, coaching is designed to move you forward. That doesn't mean we don't pay attention to what got you here.What got you here often holds a lot of information about what has worked. We also know that to get to the next level, old ideas need to be evaluated, challenged, and elevated or altered for optimal success. This is where we have the most fun, the biggest challenge, and deeper reasons for celebration. I am excited to get you there and look forward to the journey together.

You will get refreshed to:

  • Handle new challenges as they arise more easily

  • Become more self-aware and trust your decision-making instincts with confidence

  • Connect your natural strengths to the needs of the business decisions with accuracy

  • Expand upon what sets you apart as a leader and lead your team with ease

  • Be able to be the leader other’s desire to connect with and brag about

  • Seek out the challenges that inspire you

  • Dream as big as you desire

A coaching partnership is as easy as selecting one of the following:

• $800 per month = 2 monthly session + support*

• $1,000 per month = 3+ monthly sessions + support*

* A coaching session can range in time from 45-90 minutes based upon need - plus texts, emails, and short calls to help you stay on track throughout the month.

All sessions are designed to be 1:1 coaching for you. These are done virtually or via phone unless I am traveling or live near you, then I am happy to meet in-person.

Subscription Details:

The subscription is ongoing, billed at the first of each month, and can be canceled at any time needed. Any cancellations must be done prior to the next month’s billing with a 7-day notice. No monthly payment will be refunded except under unique circumstances and reviewed on an individual basis.